Our Process

The choices are there, from mountains of Brazil and Europe and from all over the globe, natural stone is extracted in blocks or pulverized to dust then processed into natural stone slabs, or manmade quartz materials. We start the process where stone quarries and quartz process plants stop. We transform slab quartz and natural stone into design concepts and projects with precise cutting technology, our waterjet system is one of the most accurate and efficient systems to cut all types of materials. From around the world to your home, we make the long journey very simple.


Kitchen Countertops

From measuring to installation, everything is fabricated in house by our professional team. Installation is the most important part to a job well done; therefore, we do not out-source our work. Our design and consultation services can help you create your own unique style within your budget.


Fireplaces are a very warm part of your home and we can help you design, from very simple to a carved detailed fireplace surround that rises from floor to ceiling. Different materials, colors and textures can really make a fireplace spectacular.

Slab Showers

If you are thinking of upgrading your shower and bath area, a great way to simplify and enhance it is with a large panel slab material. The benefits are minimal seams and creating beautiful art with book matched slabs. Butter-flying the grain pattern to create an unforgettable space. Also custom soap niche details and built-in bench seats, the designs are endless, and we can help you bring your ideas to reality.